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ClanFit is all about sustainably making your body a better place to live. We’re not about crash diets, fitness fads, or egos. We are about helping you live a better life, through fitness, diet, and psychology.

ClanFit is a family-run blog. That’s right, the whole fam damily posts here. We’re all enthusiastic about living well and we all practice what we blog about.

Together, we have experimented in our own ways and come to our health and fitness as both individuals and as a family. We have overcome our own health obstacles, physical challenges and injuries, and we have experimented with various fitness techniques, diets, and lifestyles. Though our lifestyles are still in a state of evolution, fine-tuning, and editing, overall we have worked to find a healthy balance within our lives. We have worked to become strong, competent, fit individuals within a healthy, supportive, nourishing family.

A clan is not only a biological unit, but a group of individuals united under a like mentality. Many of us throughout the world are seeking out to strike this balance of health within and amongst ourselves. We, the Sherrill family, would like to share our stories, our advice, and our concerns with those like ourselves so as to extend our sense of health to others. Healthy bodies help create healthy families. Healthy families are an integral part of making a healthy world. We would like to do our part in making the body and thus the world a stronger, healthier place to live.

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  1. Sam Hicks permalink
    28 Apr 2010 12:05 am

    Just checking out the territory.

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